The Pros and Cons of Joining a Chamber of Commerce

Despite the advancements in technology and online networking, chambers of commerce remain to be relevant. Joining your local chamber of commerce can be a smart move for your home businesses. It can give you exclusive networking and advertising options, numerous promotional perks, and additional exposure for their organizations or companies. But what exactly is a chamber of commerce? gives us an easy definition.


…the Chamber of Commerce is a partnership of business owners and professionals working together to build a better community through collaboration, trust, expertise and long-lasting relationships…Costs may vary depending on your location and regional Chamber you join. Regardless of the cost, being a member of a Chamber of Commerce has many advantages no matter what size your business is.

Joining a chamber of commerce has its pros and cons. If you are thinking of joining one, it is important that you are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages that it can give you. Sagan Medvec of gives a quick look at the pros and cons.

When you have a membership in a chamber of commerce, businesses are given information regarding issues that might affect them and will add voice to the efforts of the chambers in addressing them. The real essence in being part of chamber of commerce is positive perceptions of the consumers regarding the memberships.

Being part of the chamber is also a good way in reassure customers that your business is sound and works hard to provide quality service and products year round.


However, just like in any organizations, there are also some downsides that come as part chamber of commerce. There are instances when some members of the board of directors resign from their posts as a result of some misunderstandings. Such resignations can greatly affect the whole chamber. There are also a lot of issues that commonly affect the chamber of commerce which might not work to the advantage of the majority of the members.

Now that you are well aware of the pros and cons of joining, should you shell off a few hundred dollars and join a chamber of commerce? gives you something to think about if you are still not sure.

The choice is up to you. However, I don’t think a few hundred dollars is a bad deal for all of the pros attached to chambers of commerce, nor do I think that hard work and potential conflicts are much to worry your pretty head about. Membership dues, the main con on this list, are intimidating for new businesses and it’s very likely that your company won’t be able to justify them right away. That’s perfectly okay! The key is to make sure you carefully measure the pros and cons for yourself before making a decision. It’ll be different for everyone.

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